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Welcome To Atlanta (Coast To Coast Remix)


After the party its da Waffle house

If you ever been here you no what I'm talkin about

Where people dont dance all they do is this

And after the original you kno what it is (welcome to Atlanta)


Remix it had to go down

I got somethin else to tell u about the new mo-town

What people don't visit they move out here

Theres no tellin who you might see up in Lennox square

I don't know about you but I miss the freak Nick

Cuz thats when my city used to be really sick

People from other cities used to drive for miles

Jus to come and get a taste of this a.t.l. style

Im da MBP most ballinous player

Make my own moves, call me the mayor

Monday night you know things change from times

Magic city back lookin like 8 or 9

All my homies on da south side up in the Ritz

Tuesday night velvet room same s***

Wednesday strokers I go no mo

Cuz they dont know how to treat you when you come through the do

Thursday night was Plush but we move to Fuel

And I be up in the booth drunk actin a fool

Friday night, Kya they still got love

Be shark bar be poppin likes its a night club

Saturday, still off the heezy fo sheezy

You can find me up in 1 Tweezy (1 tweeezzay!)

Sunday gettin me some sleep (please)

I'm on my way to deck to hit and jazzy teens Holla


Hey man I'm from New York, man I'm from New York man

Where New York at(3x)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Welcome to New York motherf******

Where we don't play and outta towners get got like every day

And a gangstas a gangsta in every way

Sittin on 22s

This belong money dues

Now the dubs on it

Diddy shine on it

Tell Flex to run it back and drop a bomb on it

Sunday we la

Jermaine Dupri

Welcome To Atlanta (Coast To Coast Remix) / Jermaine Dupri

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