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Where The Party At (So So Def Remix)

[Jermaine Dupri]

Ah, Remix

All I see over here ain't nothin' but a lot of honies lookin' for man

And niggas with a lot of money, bottles in they hand

And short shirts, honies tryin' to show that slow (show that)

Lined up tryin' to get through the velvet ropes

'Cause over here when the jam drops everybody bug

Standin' on the couches like this our club

Got the Bacardi and Cristal mixed in too (yeah)

Knowin' in the morning I'm a feel the blues (uh huh)

Now the jam keeps droppin' and the drinks keep comin'

and the girls keep talkin' to me (talkin' to you)

I mean shit straight poppin' everybody jumpin'

Makin' it hard for me to leave (oh)

[Da Brat]

All you gotta do is call me

and I'll come runnin' to where the party at

I keep a fat sack in the backpack

So what's happenin'?

In every city I'm rappin' in

If it's a after splash I'm the last cat in

Get in, purrin' tight like virgin

Like snow, flurrin'

The party begins when the slurpin' ends (oh)

You do me I do you

Spend a night with boo-boo

Let's have a private party for two

But it's gotta be pumpin' in order for me to get cream

Runnin' to the border for Colombian's green

Studyin' horniculture

My green thumb keeps them water vapors twistin'

I freak until I cum

I keeps it number one

[Jagged Edge]

Uh ooooooooooh

(Uh oh oh oh)

Uh ooooooooooh

(Uh oh oh oh)

Uh ooooooooooh

(Yo, yo R.O.C.)

(Uh oh oh oh)

Uh ooooooooooh

(Uh oh oh oh)

If the party's where you're at, just let me know


Uh, uh

Now here we go, how 'bout another shot of henney?

I h

Jermaine Dupri

Where The Party At (So So Def Remix) / Jermaine Dupri

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