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The Dream (Interlude)

mmmm, i'm so bored right now

oh, i should call jermaine

and tell him to come pick me up in the bentley

and take us to the airport

so we can fly on his private jet to paris

and i could pick up these shoes i saw the other day on the way to the spot

Bitch you ain't bored

you out your damn mind

jermaine ain't pickin you up and flyin yo ass no where to pick up some shoes

i'll tell you what

you betta pick yourself up and run down to payless

and get those shoes you saw on the way to the check cashin joint

oh this bitch is too funny

i suppose you think that can of grape soda you drinkin is a glass of crystal too

next thing you know

you gon tell me lil bow wow gonna pick you up in his big wheel

and to all you other day dreamers out there

wake the fuck up

Jermaine Dupri

The Dream (Interlude) / Jermaine Dupri

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