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Вэйлон Дженнингс Вэйлон Дженнингс Американская легенда музыки "кантри"

Memories Of You And I

Verse 1:

I thought to leave your bed for the street

Was as simple as saying goodbye

I couldn't see how blind a man can be

Or how quickly life can fly


As the lines in my face grow deeper

And the well of my soul runs dry

I find that I drink more and more

From the memories of you and I

Verse 2:

The taste of fame is fire to me no more

The attention and hunger have gone

All I have left, the money and the game

I'm a prisoner to the road I'm on


Вэйлон Дженнингс

Memories Of You And I / Вэйлон Дженнингс

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