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Вэйлон Дженнингс Вэйлон Дженнингс Американская легенда музыки "кантри"

Dreaming My Dreams

Verse 1:

I hope that I won't be that wrong anymore

And maybe I've learned this time I hope that

I find what I'm looking for

The way that it is, in my mind


Someday I'll get over you, I live to see it all through

But I'll always miss, dreaming my dreams with you

Verse 2:

I won't let it change me, not if I can

I'd rather believe in love

And give it away as much as I can

To those, that I'm fondest of


Вэйлон Дженнингс

Dreaming My Dreams / Вэйлон Дженнингс

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