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Вэйлон Дженнингс Вэйлон Дженнингс Американская легенда музыки "кантри"

Come With Me

Verse 1:

If you're in a valley, with a troubled min

I'm a mountain, come on and climb Because you look so good, to be so down

It won't take much girl, to turn it all around


Come with me, come with me

The feeling's free,just come with me

We'll get on a cloud girl, and ride it high

Say hello sun, as we sail by

Verse 2:

I'll take you where, you've never been before

Once we're there, you'll cry for more

If it's dark in your world, come walk in mine

My love's a light babe, it's on all the time

Chorus (x2).

Вэйлон Дженнингс

Come With Me / Вэйлон Дженнингс

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