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Вэйлон Дженнингс Вэйлон Дженнингс Американская легенда музыки "кантри"

Cactus Texas

Verse 1:

Do you remember Cactus Texas

Nothing but a wide place in the road

Eighteen wheelers never go there

Main Street's just too narrow for the load

A little town of honest people

Some we haven't seen for quite awhile

I was young and restless

And we both were full of dreams and runnin' wild

Verse 2:

We left our old hometown and family

Barely had a nickel to our name

We were out to win the world

Not once looking back or losing aim

We hit the big town and the big time

Not a lot of effort in the deal

But in the bargain we lost touch

With one another and old feelings that were real

Verse 3:

In a big house up on easy street

Where too much never seems to be enough

We're not the same two people

Far away from all the days when the times were rough

Including you and I

Everything is separated by a wall

It's not something we can talk about

In fact we seldom even talk at all

Verse 4:

I don't think we realize

How or why we ever came this far

Let's go back to Cactus Texas

Maybe once we're there

We'll find out where we are

Вэйлон Дженнингс

Cactus Texas / Вэйлон Дженнингс

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