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Work It Remix

DJ Please Pick up your phone Im on the request line


This is a Missy Elliott Exclusive

Is it worth it

let me work it

I put my thing down flip it and reverse it

(flip it and reverse it backwords)2x

If you got a big let me search it

so I can find out how I gotta work it

(flip it and reverse it backwards)2x


Now MIssy she too much for me (Im freaky)

Took her to her crib and she told me (eat me)

Now Ima big momma told her ass not to beat me

Broke ass wanna fight me

Missy know how to treat me

Sittin on cash

got money out the ass

gave me the back shots

got money out the ass

Now you can see me in the coop like what

next time I hit it in the G5 truck

I got the magic stick

I can go for hours

from the bed to the floor to the sink to the shower

wit her back to the bed and her legs to the sky

I can go hard

know why

big girls dont cry

I got visions of missywit her money by the tub

Ching ching

jackpot I think Im in love

Im looking for missy now so i can get my back rub

Dis the shit she holla'd in my ear before we hit the club

(Regular song)

Дженнифер Лопес

Work It Remix / Дженнифер Лопес

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