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Дженнифер Лопес Дженнифер Лопесактриса и певица

All My Love

It's sucha shame, but I'm leaving,

can't take the way you mis treated me.

Well it's crazy, but oh baby oh baby,

don't matter, what ever, don't phaze me.

I don't belive you wanna leave like this, I can't beleive I just had my

Last real kiss. I do belive with laugh and remanise, wait a minute, don't bounce baby,

Let's talk about this...

I'm bouncen' I'm trounsha, i gotta leave you alone....


All my love was all I had.

(Crud is what you had, baby girl I'm what you had)

You'll be leavn' me but to bad.

(B-e-t don't make desions what you bad.)

So pack your trunks and run along.

(I know your indepentent you can make it on your own)

Here with me you had a home

(Time is up for essances, why spend it alone.

All those nights I waited up for you, promises you made

without comin' through. So much time you waisted, that's

why I had to replace

Дженнифер Лопес

All My Love / Дженнифер Лопес

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