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Biggz-I Got Dreams

(Verse 1)

I ain't a gangsta, that's just my image

I ain't a thug either nigga, I just go along with it

fuck what the press tell you, listen to me

I'm trying to tell you what's real, I don't live my life dangerously

live how I live, live by my rules

you wouldn't survive just waking up in my shoes

yeah I dress like a thug, and talk like a gangsta

but that don't mean I'm gonna clap at your crew

even if I strike rich, I'm stay with my crew

I'ma stay with my peeps, I'ma stay in the streets

I'ma keep spittin flames so my family could eat

and now I'm not saying this to build my fan base

and I don't give a fuck how many lives my hand takes

and I'ma stay true to myself, I'm a man

I'm a real nigga, hard to kill nigga

hard as a rock, I'm just Cris from the block

ya I'm that same troublemaking kid from the block (whut)

(Verse 2)

I went from boy to man, ain't nobody gonn' stop me

Holla Back nigga showing more hatred than the notzis

I went from boy to man, from toys to guns

went from boy to man, from bottled milk to rum

I went from boy to man, from the carriage to whips

now all the bitches wanna get married to Cris

and there's Haze selling crack overseas,

P. Diddy himself can't get rights to come and sample me

you know I smoke to the sky and cook buckets of crack

you that bitch ass that emptied out his budget for rap

Biggs be the nigga that be running with gats

Holla Back nigga, who else is fucking with that

Дженнифер Лопес

Biggz-I Got Dreams / Дженнифер Лопес

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