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 Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplaneрок-группа

War Movie

In nineteen hundred and seventy-five all the

people rose from the countryside to move against

you government man d'you understand locked

together hand in hand all thru this unsteady land--

gonna roll roll roll the rock around roll roll roll the rock

around lift the rock out of the ground

at the Battle of Forever Plains all my people hand

in hand in hand in the rain the laser way won the day

without one single living soul going down the government

troops were circled in the sun gun found themselves on the

run... from our nation the rock is raised no need to hide from

the other side now... transformation

call high to the constellation headquarters call high to the

most high directors send out the transporting systems and

send out the sun finders

thirteen battalion of mind raiders three hundred master

computer killers from great platforms in the mountains

twenty mile lasers

Jefferson Airplane

War Movie / Jefferson Airplane

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