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Trial by Fire

Gonna move out on the highway, make this moment last

Til it closes with the future, blending with the past.

Rollin' on and doin' fine, what do you think I see?

That boney hand comes a beckonin', saying buddy come go with me.

That engine just ain't strong enough to get you round the turn

Lie on your back in the middle of a field, and watch your body burn.

Don't try to tell me just who I am when you don't know yourself

Spend half your time running out on the street

With your mind home on a shelf.

Lookin' at me with your eyes full of fire

Like you'd rather be seein' me dead

Lying on the floor with a hole in my face

And a ten gauge shotgun at my head

You can leave me here, but I won't tell

Things I know about you and know so well

The way you smile at me, try to set me free

And keep me wondering what the future will be

Rollin' on, won't be long

I won't leave here til' I sing this song.

Jefferson Airplane

Trial by Fire / Jefferson Airplane

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