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Summer Of Love

(by M. Balin)

The Summer Of Love was something special

We were so young and so free

The Summer Of Love that I was a part of

We had so many dreams

And even a few of them came true it seems

I still believe in all the music, and it's still playing

I still believe in all the words, ya I'm still saying

I still believe in all the people, they were really great

And I get to thinking back to where we all once were

The Summer Of Love had special people

Everybody was together so it seemed

The Summer Of Love had lots of changes going down

Looking back's like yesterday

And you can say it all was just a dream

I still remember all the good times

And boy let me tell ya we sure had a lotta them

I still remember the world was changing all around us

I feel like we could go it all again

The Summer Of Love was just the beginning

That's when the lines started breaking throught

The Summer Of Love is just a memory now

Even though those times are gone

The Spirit still goes on in me and you

Jefferson Airplane

Summer Of Love / Jefferson Airplane

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