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Paul Kantner)

Martha she listens for the ticking of my footsteps,


She sifts the hairy air that's worn and woodswept,


She does as she pleases,

She listens for me;

Martha she calls to me from a feather in the meadow,

"Fly to me:"

You can dance and sing and walk with me;

And dreams will fade and shadows grow in weed;

She does as she pleases,

Her heels rise for me;

My love, she talks to winking windows,

as she murmurs to her feet,


She separates in laughter to my side,

Caught for me;

She does as she pleases,

Her heels rise for me;

Martha , she keeps her heart in a broken lock,

and it's waiting there for me;

She weeds apart through a token lock;

What a great thing to be free;

She weeps time, starts unspoken;

But when the gate swings,

There she'll be,

there she'll be

In green sun;

On blue earth;

Under warm sunning showers.

Copyright 1967, 1968 Icebag Corp

Jefferson Airplane

Martha / Jefferson Airplane

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