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Woke Up In A Strange Place (Live)

The ghost comes to visit

With my keys in his pocket

Kisses in my mouth with his

Eyes hanging out of his sockets

My memorie's crumbling

Under still resistance

I was torn out like pages

From the book of existence

I woke up in a strange place

Music so loud that I spit up my beer

I made a call for my blackened cab

Some destination was moving on in

I remember the words that you told me

Now they come down so hard, so plain

Fate is going to find you love in a glass of champagne

Love came calling

As a counterfiet mistress

Stealing from the pockets

Of a Sado-masochist

Mouthing for us to praise

Like a tongue on christmas

Cigarets smelling

like the fear inside my chest

Yes, and I lied to my host that I told him

That I knew how far I could go

But I emptied my guts out

On his brand new stereo

Well he paid me to go upstairs

And spend a night with his friend

I never want to see

My face in the mirror again

I woke up in a strange place

My mind a blur and some redon my chin

I met a ride in a blackened cab

Some destination was all that he had

Easy now, this car is speeding up

For my last chance, crash in to freedom

Fate is going to find your love in your glass of champagne

Sweat pours down

You're in the back seat sleeping

And she waits by the window

On an empty bed, weeping

The ghost guns the motor

To the home that he promised you

I guess this is the time when my

Best intentions become accidents

This is my story for the dislocated

Who want to love but who turn to be hated

Because the lies of the spirit possessed you

Because the eyes of your lover resist you

Listen now,

Джефф Бакли

Woke Up In A Strange Place (Live) / Джефф Бакли

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