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Вайклеф Джин Вайклеф ДжинАмериканский хип-хоп исполнитель

The Streets Are Like A Jungle


One, two...

One, two-One,two...



Hey yo! The Streets Are Like A Jungle

I'm countin' money in the jungle

Hey yo! The Streets Are Like A jungle

Guns go off in the jungle

[Wyclef - Verse One]

I tip my derby like Zorro

Ain't no such things as war heroes

Frontline planes fly by, like the sparrow (BLAOW!)

My face hits the dirt, flashbacks of Vietnam

Remind me of the L.A. riots, when it was on

Fire hits the street, neon lights are bright

My tank cuts the corner, enemies take flight (That's right!)

Make no mistake, you can't have this cake it took too long to bake

and you can't carry this weight, so move on

These are the words of the elders

Babysitters got caught with cocaine in a baby's diapers

Explain that, in the form of a rap

She got caught with vals, A-CRACK-A-LACK-A-LACK!!!

Now I'm upset, I get back to the projects

First one I blast was a usual suspect, a fiend

In the alley, named Ricky

Talked to a Det. rookie, gave him the info

About the paliquo, and where he gotta go

All he want in return is a Sony stereo

[Chorus 1x]

[Wyclef - Verse Two]

Hey yo my mind is my business so I'm...

Minding my own, in the club 'til this girl said,

"Let me see your telephone"

I passed her my celly

She called her girl Mary

And said that she just broke up with her nigga out in D.C.

She needs a new honey, in the city she gets lonely

I finally figured out her man's locked up in a penatentary

So tell me, what should I do when she gets off the phone?

The devil said, "Clef, take her ass home!"

God says, "Repect her, her man's in the pen"

This kid pushed me from behind, "Yo, why you fuckin' with my woman?!!!"

Then his girl looked at me, she winked! I blinked!

Now he's coming up to me with the gorilla instinct

Aww, cool-n-shit! I'm sittin' here eatin' shrimp

Besides, I would hate for you to be a missing link

He said, "Son, do you know who I am?! I'm no man, but one man

who? The son of Sam!"

I said you've got this wrong, I never sung your girl a love song

He drew for his weapon, there's no more conversation

Cock!Cock!Cock!Cock!Cock!Cock! He released!

then breathe, His aim went off balance

The music got tense

That's when I knew I was in trouble! The street is like a jungle!

I jumped behind the bar, but caught two in the ankle! POW! (Echo)

Вайклеф Джин

The Streets Are Like A Jungle / Вайклеф Джин

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