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Вайклеф Джин Вайклеф ДжинАмериканский хип-хоп исполнитель

The Eulogy

If you could see them

The bullet riddle brothers you thought were brave

The thugs, the gangstas

If you could hear them right now as they knock on heaven's door

They would tell you straight up

Stop the sh-t

The shootin, the bangin

Too many tears

Too many wakes

Too many twenty-five to lifes

And wake up

They're up there right now talkin to you in tongues of fire

For the love of life

Stop it

Yo, if you don't stop, I'm gonna get you before you get yourself

This has been Philipe Luciano broadcasting live on Hot 93.1 Masquerade


Вайклеф Джин

The Eulogy / Вайклеф Джин

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