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It Aint Personal


Man, they go and tell me like

you never know who your true friends until you ah umm

both got a little bit of money

I mean cause y'all both broke

then there's no strain on the relationship, y'all both broke

And if you got money and he ain't got no paper

He still needs you so you'll never know how he really feel about you

When y'all both get some paper, you'll see

[R. Kelly (Jay-Z)]

We used to get money together, phone honies together

Pushin chromed out twinkies in custom coach leather

You claim it's all love, but nigga it's whatever

Cause this is business, it ain't personal

Same dream, same team, same schemes (mm)

We even sold to the same damn fiends (how real is dat?)

Ain't no rules in this war for this green

This is business, and it ain't personal


Look, I'm a grown man dog

And I ain't got time to be runnin behind y'all

I know when I first started it was crazy to y'all

"He's gon' start his own label, he'll never be able"

Well, nigga you've been wrong before

And you'll be wrong again if you bet against him

We move through the hood like identical twins

But it just so happen that a nigga made it rappin

You showed your true colors, y'all niggaz stay yappin

That don't stop him, a nigga weigh platinum

Stop through the hood, to say what's happenin? (sup nigga)

Fake hugz (uh-huh) fake whassup

Fake love, fake fuck, fake thugs

Gotta one myself for your fake shit, I raise up

Hop in my wheels and I peel, streets are blazed up (uh-huh)

About my bid'ness dog, y'all need to stay up - one

[Chorus: R. Kelly]

We used to get money together, phone honies together -a


It Aint Personal / Джей-Зи

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