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Cant Knock The Hustle

I'm makin short term goals whonder whether foes

just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold

chilly with enough bail money to free a big willy

high stakes i got more at stake than philly

shoppin sprees copin three duece fever i guess its fully loaded

ah yes

bouncin in the lex luger tires smoke like buddha

50 g's to the crap shooter

niggas can't fade me

chrome socks beamin, through my periphial i see ya schemin

stop dreamin',i leave ya body steamin

niggas is feenin, whats the meanin

i'm leanin on any nigga intervenin with the sound of my money machine-in

my cuff runnin over with hundreds

im one of the best niggas that done it

six digits and runnin,

y'all niggas don't want it

i got the godfather flow, the don juan demarco

swear to god, don't get it fucked up

Mary j. blige(chorus)

takin out this time

to give you a piece of my mind

(cause you can't knock the hustle)

but though you think you are

baby one day you'll be a star

that scene out of state where i drop my slang

i'm deep in the south kickin up top game

bouncin on the highway switchin 4 lanes

screamin through the sun roof money ain't a thang

your worst fear confirmed,

me and my fam roll tight like the firm

gettin down for life, thats right, you better learn

why play with fire, burn

we get together like a choir

to acquire what we desire

we do dirt like worms

produce g's like sperm

til legs spread like germs

i got extensive hoes, with expensive clothes

and i sip wine, and split ends exposed

but y'all don't know......

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

cause you can't knock the hustle

Mary J.Blig


Cant Knock The Hustle / Джей-Зи

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