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Cant Get With That



Check it check it out

Uhhh haha gotta keep it fat

Chorus: Jay Z (repeat 2X)

I can't get with that

I gotta keep it thick never miss so I hit em like this


Straight to the track my lyrics is phat I rip it the hell down

More than a fluke I'm regularly wreckin this joint so what now

With so many niggas that's biting it's harder to detect who I be

Well check out the J, check out the A, check out the Y, Z

Original rap, I'm makin it slap, I'm hemmin it up like that

Stingin it, strikin it, swingin it fat, * DJ reverse * bring it back

I be that nigga with a gat, boom-clack

Don't ever sweat it when I go, I zoom back

Better than ever, never better, you better, whatever

I suggest the Ex-Lax and that'll get your shit together

I give you a snotty nose from body blows

Nobody's safe at a party even Gotti goes adios

I got-got-got Flav-flav-flav-flavor, so save yours

One verse and it's a hearse, I played and I slayed yours

Get it, got it, ready to flip, I doubt it

No need to prolong, check out the man gone, haha



The next, player, never get no rest, you're livin with stress

Cause just around the corner beez the best player

You're fearin my clout, if weed got you runnin your mouth

You better blow that shhhiiitt out

The Jigga's back, you brothers are flat

I'll amaze the way that Jay rap, now how in the hell did he say that?

You diggin me, the, epitome of, rippin it raw

You kiddin me, no artist that rap, gettin bigger thzn me

Although these cats are wettin my style, I'm still thristy

And we all gotta fall off, but you first G

I'll be the last, it'll be a, cold day in


Cant Get With That / Джей-Зи

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