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You, Me, Him and Her(feat. Amil, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek


Told y'all... Dynasty... Roc-A-Fella Records, you heard me?

Unstoppable, niggaz! Uhh

Memph Bleek.. Amil-lion.. Sigel Sigel ya heard?

It's a Dynasty! Who do you believe?

Jigga Man, mo' better, mo' cheddar

Foes knock the man off your Polo sweater

Roll with the R-O-C, A-Fella

Remember me? The teachers used to fail us

Now it's mo' scrilla, hoe killers

Fo'-wheelers, we - gorillas

Oh please feel us - we heat holders

Fightin? Listen boy, Roy Jones couldn't still us

The plot thickens, the block clickin

We got the game tied up, stop trippin

Jigga Man huh? Sigel Sigel y'all

Memph Bleek what? Amil-lion, uhh

Cat be him, El Cap-i-tan

The fire I spit burn down Happyland

Social Club, we unapproachable thugs

Non-social, gone postal

Great aim, harm the arm close to your toast

like a Don's supposed to, Shawn

I thought I told you, these ain't just vocals

Don't make me take it to the old school

I put holes through your hoes too

through your clothes to the foes to the nigga close to you

Fuck it; Jigga Man huh? Sigel Sigel y'all

Amil-lion what? Memph Bleek..

[Memphis Bleek]

Y'all dudes don't - get it, come widdit

Fifth loaded with slugs that'll rest in your fitted

It's M dot E-M, the Roc be them

Got the mamis sayin look, who can stop be them?

You wan' press your dumb luck, get blam blam-ed up

I crush your larynx, you talk 'bout us nigga

No obituary, I get it critical

You know Memph'll hit the pall bearer liftin you

When I cock the plastic, make 'em drop the casket

When it's hot, I'm blastin, it's the Roc, you bastards

Jigga Man what? Amil-lion yeah

Memph Bleek huh? Sigel Sigel c'mon

Spit acid, c'mon

Witcha bullshit smash hit, get your bullshit smashed in

Niggaz wanna front and get jumped

Bet the ruger give your right side a nice-sized lump

Nigga, we are, the supreme squad

You can dream hard but reality is

we push the dream cars, fuck the queen broads

puff the green raw, we as real as it get

We the R-O-C dot A dot Fellas

Bitches don't talk to us, the hoes they e-mail us

Nigga, Jigga Man what? Memph Bleek huh?

Amil-lion yeah, Sigel Sigel rap

[Beanie Sigel]

R (dot) O (dot) C (dot) stop

From tower to mind pop, I move out stop

Shower your mind block, move out with glocks

Raw to the cook, look, move out them blocks

Take it to the bucks who be grindin it up

Usually take it to the dubs so they diamond it up

Competition, linin 'em up

Forty-five ACP, let me squeeze lime 'em up

You want, drama what? Well silence it up

Since a young buck, violent as fuck

Wettin me dog, the high will do it; I used to wild off embalmin fluid

I send niggaz to the trauma unit

Forty-five or the nine'll do it

I fuck around and have your moms go through it - I'm a beast!

Shit, niggaz always wanna ye shit, then they wanna cease shit

when they motherfuckin peeps hit

But I don't cease nuttin, I decease som'un

I fuck around and have you sleepin underneath som'un

Jigga Man what? Sigel Sigel y'all

Memph Bleek uh, Amil-lion right


Yo, A to the M-I, feminist

Holdin the semi, leave niggaz faced with a dilemmi

Am I, gon' run or stay, can I

get away no you can't can't I surrendi?

And I, lazy bop, Mercedes hot

In my way through the tunnel like Lady Di


Jigga Man huh? Sigel Sigel y'all

Memph Bleek what? Amil-lion uhh


You, Me, Him and Her(feat. Amil, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek / Джей-Зи

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