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Intro - Hand It Down(feat. Memphis Bleek

Sorry boys..

but all the money in the world couldn't bring me back again

Lay down, lay down

Gonna stretch my mic out in Ponce Funeral Home on Marcy

All those new niggaz stop there

but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought

The last of the real hustlers, well

maybe not the last

Bleek's gonna be a good rapper


I quit

I'm retirin

Ain't enough money in THIS game, to keep me around

Sorry Big, I tried


Can't go with me on this ride though

I'm callin the shots

The bar's closing

Where we going to for breakfast?

Roc-a-Fella y'all


"Bringin the drama"

"Tryin to come up in the game"


"Had a couple of dollar signs to my name"

"Roc-a-Fella y'all"

"One of the best!"

"Waitin for my day to come"

"Just give me the word"

[Memphis Bleek]

Nah this ain't Jigga it's your lil nigga Bleek

Reportin to these motherfuckers live from the street

Game I peeped those, my mind so advanced

At nine I used to geese hoes for Easter clothes

Peep the steez, I represent for all those

with 28 grams, on a come-up tryin to creep the keys

Large niggaz told me park the car, keep the keys

Find a hoodrat and creep to Mickey D's

First gun two bullets, niggaz know I do pull it

Niggaz tryin to kill me dog, who wouldn't?

Screw Gooden, I pitch in the PJ's

Lit off the EJ, I split Dutchies with my ring finger

You find a bitch that don't be cream, bring her

Last seen with Bing, he got dropped between us

Shit is constant, that's why I pack the

Johnson and Johnson for the nonsense who wants it?

I go to sleep with a picture of a Porsche on my wall

Man I'm tryin to come up on y'all

Get one up on y'all, that's why I hustle in these streets

from sundown to sunup on y'all

Mama said keep bullshittin they'll kill you dead

One week of this hustlin brought a living room set

Went to ? D's, niggaz mad, veins out

Copped the Jordan's, two weeks before they came out

Flashy, fly little nigga

Nosy bitch from the third floor like "Why little nigga?"

Bitch please, twist the trees

Took a long pull, like bitch to breathe

That's my answer, life's like cancer

And I'm serious

"Waitin for my day to come"

"Just give me the word"


Intro - Hand It Down(feat. Memphis Bleek / Джей-Зи

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