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2 Many Hoes(feat. Timbaland

Uhh, yeah, uh-uhh-uh

Uh-huh, uh-uh-uhh, uhh, uhh

I ain't tryin to be RUDE DUDE

but give a nigga some space

I ain't tryin to be rude dude

Just, give a nigga some space

Just tryin to talk honey dog

I ain't got time to waste (check it)

[Jay-Z sings]

Why is you over here lookin at me

while all these girls up in here?


What you gay? Nigga Jay straight like indian hair

Y'all don't want me to spray the semi in here

I mean if you a fan I consider you fam'

But shake a nigga hand, but shit god damn

All that ("Do you remember me dawg?") Nah I'm drawin a blank

You got me feelin like a fish, in a fish tank

Just think, if you came to a club

Tryin to find a little hon for some one-night love

'Stead you got another nigga all up in your mug

You make me uncomfortable thug, go thatta-way!

And kill the ice grill homes

Cause I keep enough heat to melt THAT away

I came in some sweats, I came to get met

Tryin to find a chick that make it hard for me to "next!"

We exit stage left, hope in the Lexus

Treat me like a baby, mouth on her breast-es

.. may I suggest that it's

a lot of long-legged chicks in short-ass dresses

.. go find you one

Go get your dance on, go grind on one, damn

.. go find you one

Go get your dance on, go grind on one


Quick question - yo, why you over here?

So many hoes in here

My office hours 9 to 5, whyon'tcha call me there

It's so many hoes in here

I ain't tryin to be rude dude, whyon'tcha dissapear?

There's so many hoes in here

I understand you got issues but I really don't care

There's so many hoes in here


Yea yea yea I know you rap and your sister spit too

You been callin the office and you can't get through

I understand all that, but now ain't the time

I came to the club to get that off my mind

And all you thugs with your war stories startin to bore me

I ain't tryin to hear about your guts and glory

I'm tryin to hear B.I.G. and some cuts from Nore

And you keep talkin over the beat like Clue ("Do you remember?")

.. go find somethin to do

You're a janitor, go find somethin to screw

Disappear like Copperfield, go cop a feel

Play hide and seek witchaself for real, huh

The chick came dressed up just to get messed up

She got her hair done, just to get it sweated up

Shit I'm tryin to help her out

Whyon'tcha help me out and be out?



Jeah, jeah, jeah

[Timbaland: repeat 3X]

You're invadin my space

You need to, be easy, ahh

You're invadin my space

C'mon dawg, be easy, ahh


Uh-uh, I don't know why they do that

Heh, I don't understand

Heh, what you need to do, is..

[Timbaland: repeat 3X]

Stop spittin in my face and go talk to them hoes in here

C'mon dawg, stop spittin in my face and go talk to them hoes in here

Be easy


2 Many Hoes(feat. Timbaland / Джей-Зи

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