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Hey Papi


Yea... yea... yea...


I got a resolution

This year im playin right

With six containing shit

You can stay the night

We can go bowling.

It aint like before

Can't you see that im growing?

I was so immature

I was and young having money

Having honeys coming to the crib

Thinking they shit

And they couldn't get cab money from me

Some bad chicks didn't pass the bridge

I was the one trump blast they says,

No room service;

Just snacks and shit,

Work with those little Debbies,

And when you're done get ready,

With chicks I was feeding the smash,

Let em lean on the cash,

Take em along trips,

Breakin em wit long dick,

There is no such thing as strong relationships,

But im off that playa shit,

I need a chick that practice ti-chi

And still can buy weed,

And give me some good head,

Maker of mind niggers,

Hear me


(Hey papi)

Even if they don't understand the flow,

They understand the dough,

My ladies goin:

(Hey papi)

Promise you never let me go

Promise you never leave me,

Promise wit road they goin,

(Hey papi)

Even if they don't understand the flow,

They still understand the dough,

My ladies goin,

(Hey papi)

Promise you never let me go

Promise you never leave me,

Promise wit road they saying

Verse 2

I was the worst,

I used to switch chicks everyday,

Had niggas mad for real,

Like I wish you were gay,

Because they knew,

Sooner or later,

Hum was getting wit jay,

Just a matter of time,

She was getting wit jay,

I have your chick gettin traffic,

Some were sippin on zay,

Spitting up another civic smoking up splits in the shade

She used to love ya,

But she is felling different a day,

You used to smother her

Looking at your honey slippin away,

Consulting wit hustlers,

Niggas that be giving her space,

She said, she feel free when she around me

Im letting her do her and in turn she doing me

She's on the phone wit her friends

Like "how cool is he??",


Verse 3

I was nice to girls,

But that wasn't the Sean they felt,

They said the coupe was alright,

But they didn't like the seat belt

I look tight,

They told me loosen up.

Run a couple of lights,

Spank em,

Pull their hair,

Don't treat them so nice,

Left me give fumes,

I mess wit chicks,

For were best with the fumes,

Nice guys Been a slash,

With a special set of rules,

And me,

I over did it,

Over shobanistic wit freedom,

So viscous,

Wit stroke,

Wit bum kissing,

But now,

Im trying to flow different,

Im trying to cool it now,

Im trying plant a seed,

Start a new edition,

Im sick of chasing chickens,

Sick of every other,

City we go,

Same old ho's.




Hey Papi / Джей-Зи

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