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Come Dance With Me


Jay & The Americans

Don't turn away; put him down, turn around and dance with me

Do like I say, don't you go; tell him no and dance with me

He may have walked you through the door

And he may be planning a whole lot more

But I'm gonna swing you 'round this floor; come dance with me

Look him straight in his eyes, put him wise and come on and dance with me

I'll sit and wait till you do; when you're through, come dance with me

Just 'cause he spent the dime to phone ya

And 20 bucks for the time he's shown ya

That doesn't give him the right to own ya; dance with me

I'm not the kind of guy who'd steal a fella's girl

But baby, your feet I need

And after taking just one look at you

I've turned into an ever-loving deed, aye!

You come into my arms, say goodbye to the guy and dance with me

Leave all your charms in my care, take your dare and dance with me

He may have brought you here, all right

Thinking he'd get to hold you tight

But you're gonna leave with me tonight, come dance with me


(repeat last 3 lines of previous verse)

(repeat and fade):

Come dance with me

From: Collins Crapo


Венсан Же

Come Dance With Me / Венсан Же

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