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 Jawbreaker JawbreakerАмериканская панк-рок группа

Through the Sand

Walking through the sand

To the tune of the band

Come, take my hand

I'll show you the dream land

Looking through summertime

Listen to my chime

When do I??

I I I I die??

Stepping in the water

This hurricane has brought up

Lookin in your cup

I don't like this hold-up

Looking at my landmine

This silver I will shine

How do I??

I I I I cry??

Meet me there

Touch me there

You and I

We don't care

Gazing at the spring leaves

As the gazelle leaps

Why do I??

I I I I fly??

Walking through the sand

In tune to the band

I will take you by the hand

There are centuries we have planned

Staring at the waterways

Can this be craze??

When do I??

I I I I buy??

Sign out!


Through the Sand / Jawbreaker

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