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 Jawbreaker JawbreakerАмериканская панк-рок группа

Lolly Pop

Rippin' and Shippin'

Down to L.A.

Takin' and breakin'

Whatever I say

Making a fool of yourself

To reach the shelf

Freedom, of eternity

Robbin' this whole damn city


But it's all easy when I'm at the top

Take me to your land of lolly pops

But it's better to kill the cops

So take me to your land of lolly pops

Freak show

Lets get down there and start to row

Coz we're makin' it all happen

Enter eternity

Bury the sin

Stick it in the bin

Face outside into the 18th dimension

Beware the caution of suspension


Do it now

Face it, how?

Tell them to stay away

They're makin' it harder every day

Say nay



Lolly Pop / Jawbreaker

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