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Gimmie water gimmie fire

Gimmie elements

Gimmie wind gimmie earth gimmie what you meant

So gimmie water and your daughter

Get it through your head

I'm not just here for life, I'm here when its dead

Living it up and taking it up

Making it up and fucking it up!

Its not like anythings gonna go on

The only thing that does is life

Thats when you gotta strap on a condom

Coz u can't give AIDS to your wife


Cocksucker, you don't know what its like (what?)

Helping everyone for nothing its a fight

Telling me now, telling you how?

Already I see the wind passing through your ears kid

Like a god-damn air tunnel

And as it did

Noise came out like a ship's funnel

But every lie

Is worth to die

Coz the more I get bent

I turn into an element



Elements / Jawbreaker

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