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 Jawbreaker JawbreakerАмериканская панк-рок группа


Sunken eyed best friend of mine. Why do you sit so

still, still shaking? Superhero sapped of all powers.

I'll kneel beside you, watch you for hours. There's

an angel on you leaning down to kiss your cheek.

Feathers floating on air. This is my prayer for you.

Steps of stone, morning bright blue. Stick of flame,

a candle winks at you. In the pew, head down I'm

crying. I think you have thoughts of dying. I'm

eclipsing them now. Calling all allies down. I'm

consumed by your eyes. Keep them open and full. It's

raining in your room. Angel tears, bask sweet. Angel

eyes on you. They love all that they see. Dewy palm,

cemetery lawn. Walk alone in the gardens of loss. You

can't have a flower of stone. Never let this soil

come between us. I'm asking you on a date for the

rest of your life.

from: mystar


Basilica / Jawbreaker

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