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Dick Cavett TV Interview (1970)

Janis it's a shame you couldn't do an up tune for us but I liked that one.

Later in the show.

Yeah, maybe later we'll be talking too. You're really shot after, after a number, let alone a whole evening I would think.

Yeah, yeah.

You tell me you kind of collapse after a show ?

Well, I'm used to it because I'm so turned on by doing one that it's hard to do, it's hard to stop after one to tell you the truth, because it just makes you wanna do more.

Your engine is revved up ?

Yeah, sort of!

I know all the hip expressions, you see. Your engine is revved up.

You're a real swinger, I can tell by your shoes, man!

Wait a minute, Janis, Janis. These were good enough for my grand-father, they're good enough for me.

I had a lot of trouble, last week I, er, it wasn't that tune, we opened with another tune and I tore a muscle.

I heard about this. You tore a mussel somewhere near Maryland. Er ...

It was closer to home than that!

Well, er ...

But I played forty minutes, man! I did forty minutes!

Yeah, but how do you, how do you tear a muscle singing, was it from the exhaustion or ...

No, I went ... like that.

You actually, literally tore a muscle ... I mean like that ...

Every time, it hurt.

Could you feel it go ?




What do they do, do they set a muscle or do they tape you up or something ?

They told me to keep still.

Janis you wrote that tune that you were just singing like we just agreed to ask about. You er, you wrote the first tune, right ?

I wrote the first tune. It's, er, yes I did, it's about men.


Дженис Джоплин

Dick Cavett TV Interview (1970) / Дженис Джоплин

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