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Дженис Джоплин Дженис ДжоплинКультовая певица конца 60-х

My Baby ( in album pearl )

And when I work hard all day long

I tell you what, it don't bother me nohow,

'Cause how could anything ever go wrong

When I got my baby, Lord, yes,

When I got my baby, oh Lord!

And when they tell me love is pain

I said it might be true for you, honey,

But not for Janis no more, no no no no.

All I've ever got to do is call my daddy's name

Yeah and I got m-my baby, Lord, yeah,

Yes I got my baby, good good God,

Honey, I wanna tell you something that I do.

Deep down, h-honey, in the dark of the night,

When I lay my head down, I wanna go to sleep,

And I know everything is gonna be alright,

Yeah I got my baby, Lord yeah,

'Cause I got m-my baby, oh yeah.

And when I wanna call the names

Or the things to be that wanna be to you.

And when I wanna reach out my hand

It always seems you hold me, dear,

Love, don't you know how long I looked for you

Daddy, daddy, daddy.

Love, don't you know how hard I tried,

But now I got my baby, Lord, yeah,

Now I got my baby, yeah.

Дженис Джоплин

My Baby ( in album pearl ) / Дженис Джоплин

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