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Джанет Джексон Джанет Джексонамериканская певица и актриса, младшая сестра Майкла Джексона

Gods Stepchild

Gotta story for you

'Bout a little friend

Never felt good enough

Had a heart to mend

Never felt pretty

Learned to just pretend

Wished someone had listened

To her cries of pain

Maybe I'm the lucky one

Maybe the forgotten one

Maybe, but I know

I'm not God's stepchild

Didn't want to burden

Mother had enough stress

So often I'd talk to you

Through my four legged friends

Always there to listen

Though I felt so all alone

And in my times of trouble

I know

You saw my smile of pain

repeat (x2)

Now that I am older

Gone through so much pain

I learned that I should love me

No more feeling ashamed

I've seen the great illusions

I've seen the rough terrain

I've walked through my own journey

And my love for you remains

repeat (x2)

I know I'm the lucky one

I know I'm a special one

I know, that God does

Not have a stepchild.

Джанет Джексон

Gods Stepchild / Джанет Джексон

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