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Джанет Джексон Джанет Джексонамериканская певица и актриса, младшая сестра Майкла Джексона

Son Of A Gun (Remix)
(feat. Carly Simon, Missy Elliott


Ha, ha, who, who

Thought youd get the money, too

Greedy, greedy, greedy

Try to have the cake and eat it, too.

[Missy Elliott]

Missy! Ha, ha! Remix!

Yo, check this out you greedy motha f******

I changed all my credit cards,

And switched all the locks to all my doors

You thought my heart would be destroyed

Look around cuz Im chillin boy

Whatcha goin get your lawyer for?

I makes my dough and just for sure you know

Your lawyers should have let you know, you know,

When you sue me you gonna be broke, you know,

Aint no way you gonna bring me down easy

Any chick that you stick is real sleazy

Before I need you, I bet you gonna need me

You aint want me, anyway you wanted to be me.

What made you think I wanted to keep you around

While I work my a** off while you just lounge around, huh?

You slump, bum, son of a gun,

And uh, How much you worth? I think negative, done


Sharp shooter into breakin hearts

A baby gigolo, a sex pistol

Hollerin at everything that walks

No substance, just small talk

Know why youre feelin on that girls behind,

You got a sleazy, one track mind

Workin your work until you find

Whos goin home with you tonight.

[Janet (Missy)]

Oh, (Oh!) Who you gonna give it to? Who you gonna steal it from?

Whos your next victim? (Thats right now)

Oh, (Oh!) Who you gonna lie to? Who you gonna cheat on?

Who you gonna leave alone? (Thats what Im talkin about)

Oh, (Oh!) What you gonna tell her, after she discovers,

you dont really love her?

Oh, (Oh!) Its gonna be a show down, knock down, drag down,

gun slugger shoot em up


Джанет Джексон

Son Of A Gun (Remix)
(feat. Carly Simon, Missy Elliott / Джанет Джексон

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