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Mr Moon

Have you gone astray ?

Or lost your way ?

You should have seen me yesterday

Well I knew this kind of love

Was written in the stars

It’s only once or twice that you're in line with Mr Moon

Then it was you

Took me on your cloud

Give me flowers for my pain

But with some degree of certainty

My destiny

Seemed to slip away from me

Before I got to know your name.

Just give me a chance

I'll do what you want me to

Everybody wants to dance

So how come I can't dance with you

You really turn me on

You're the one that makes me smile

It's Mr Moon who plays in tune, Mr Moon who knows

And if it's Mr Moon who gives the sign then that's the sign that goes

I never know what to do

Till I'm there with you.

Did you lose your mind

For a day

You don't remember anyway

Like the waters of a dream

Encapsulate my mind

A place I haven't seen sits at the end of space and time

So lost in time

Then I think I'm blind

To perchance upon this circumstance is something of a miracle

So spiritual

It's verging on the physical

Searching for a love I cannot find


Mr Moon / Джамирокваи

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