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Джеймс Тэйлор Джеймс ТэйлорФолк-исполнитель, талантливый певец и гитарист.

Devoted To You

Darling you can count on me

'Till the sun dries up the sea

Until then I'll always be

Devoted to you

I'll be yours 'till endless time

I'll adore your charms sublime

Guess by now you know that I'm

Devoted to you

I'll never hurt you

I'll never lie

I'll never be untrue

I'll never give you reason to cry

I'd be unhappy if you were blue

Through the years our love will grow

Like a river it will flow

It can't die because I'm so

Devoted to you

Джеймс Тэйлор

Devoted To You / Джеймс Тэйлор

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