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Джеймс Тэйлор Джеймс ТэйлорФолк-исполнитель, талантливый певец и гитарист.

How I Know You

James Taylor---How I Know You

Music by Elton John

Lyrics by Tim Rice

I grew up in your hometown, at least began to grow

I hadn't got to my first shave before the body blow

Egyptians in the courtyard, my family in chains

You witnessed our abduction which possibly explains

How I know you

How I know you

Before that fateful morning my family enjoyed

A privileged existence, for my father was employed

As advisor to the king, no less, which surely rings a bell

For as you are his daughter, you probably can tell

How I know you

How I know you

Enough of reminiscence, and such happy memories

The reason why I know you well is really none of these

It's just you reek of royalty, you ooze uncommon grace

I'd know you were a princess, in any time and place

Yes I know you

How I know you

Yes I know you

How I know you

Джеймс Тэйлор

How I Know You / Джеймс Тэйлор

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