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Джеймс Тэйлор Джеймс ТэйлорФолк-исполнитель, талантливый певец и гитарист.

Baby Buffalo

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

Somewhere near me

In the morning long ago

Had to hold you so close

Had to never let go

Time on the river

Sliding on by

Hard to believe

Wink of an eye

Where'd you go Baby Buffalo?

What's become of old Cotton Eyed Joe?

Hold up, lying low

Long gone coma a summertime snow

Talk to your doctor

Making her rounds

Ninety-six tear

One thousand clowns

There they are

Shining bright

True creation

Pure delight

They go on

So do you

On and on

Maybe me too

Long ago Baby Buffalo

What's become of old Cotton Eyed Joe?

Hole up, lying low

Long gone come a summertime snow

Hold on to now

Till you have to let go

Easy through your fingers

Ever so

I'm just guessing

I don't know

Maybe it's a blessing

I sure hope so

Джеймс Тэйлор

Baby Buffalo / Джеймс Тэйлор

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