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 Джамелия Джамелиябританская R&B-исполнительница

I Want You Ft. Blazin Squad

this is jamelia, i want you and this is the blazin squad.

you need to make up your mind, if you love me or if you hate me,

cant take this pain much longer, you make me feel just like i

cant live without you even though i cant live with you boy

your just like chocolate and im addicted to you baby.


i want you even though it aint right

always argue and fight nothin ever goes right but i want you

i want you even though it aint right

try to tell you goodbye, get you out of my life

but i want you.


is this just a thug affair im on it for real

its the ill hits that breaks hearts and tears emotions to bits

i just want things the way they were back in the day

i heard you wouldnt say a word cuz you were to shy

too speak and say how you feel

if you were quick with me i will take you deeper than you ever been

its my life that were livin its my time were fillin

broken images of our lives at the minute its just us


i dont know if you love me coz you never show me affection

you treat me like your play thing always take my love for granted

wish i could leave you, you dont know how many times ive tried

your no good for me but i cant get away from your love


ill let you know somethin' for real

how do i feel when i see you across the street

it looks like we could win

just cuz its broken its still unique slow down take a seat

and just listen cuz of all the tings that weve been missin'

the tings in your eyes the kissin' reminiscin' no longer dissin'

cuz we could be together whatever the weather

the chance of me by your side and thats for life



i love you from day but manz gettin' in the way-acap


I Want You Ft. Blazin Squad / Джамелия

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