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Джимми Джэм Джимми Джэмамериканский певец в стилях R&B и поп, продюсер

When Your Young

Life is timeless, days are long when you're young

You used to fall in love with everyone

Any guitar and any bass drum

Life is a drink and you get drunk when you're young

Life is new and there's things to be done

You can't wait to be grown up

Acceptance into the capital world

You pull on some weed, then you pull on someone when you're young

But you find out life isn't like that

It's so hard to comprehend

Why you set up your dreams to have them smashed in the end

But you don't mind you've got time on your side

And they're never gonna make you stand in line

You're just waiting for the right time

You're fearless and brave - you can't be stopped when you're young

You swear you're never ever gonna work for someone

No corporations for the new age sons

Tears of rage roll down your face

But still you say

Джимми Джэм

When Your Young / Джимми Джэм

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