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Джимми Джэм Джимми Джэмамериканский певец в стилях R&B и поп, продюсер

Life from a Window

Looking from a hilltop, watching from a lighthouse, just dreaming

Up here I can see the world

Ooh, sometimes it dont look nice - thats ok

Life from a window, Im just taking in the view

Life from a window, observing everything around you

Staring at a grey sky, try to paint it blue -

Teenage blue

Some people that you see around you

Tell you how devoted they are

They tell you something on sunday, but come monday

Theyve changed their minds

Im looking from a skyscraper

Im standing on the post office tower

So I can see - all there is to see

Джимми Джэм

Life from a Window / Джимми Джэм

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