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Джимми Джэм Джимми Джэмамериканский певец в стилях R&B и поп, продюсер

Carnaby Street

Take a look at the great street

It dont seem the same

Remember how great it should be

Shops are full of fashion

People told what they want

The street that was a part of the

British monarchy

British monarchy

Who wants cafgans and all that

We dont need them now

Why should we accept the change

And buy clothes of today

Kids repel the change and

Bring back the street

Shops filled by whole nations

Carnaby street

Carnaby street

The street is a mirror

For our country

Reflects the rise and fall

Of our nation

The street that was a legend

Is a mockery

A part of the british tradition

Gone down the drain

You dont need no glass ball

To see its faults

Take a walk along that street

And youll see what I mean

Carnaby street

Carnaby street

(not what it used to be)

Carnaby street

(not what it used to be)

Джимми Джэм

Carnaby Street / Джимми Джэм

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