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Waitin On You


Yeah, uh, oh yeah

Sit right here girl let me talk to you

'Bout something's that we've been going through

But still would I try to make it last

If I gotta take up time we can move to fast

Now I'm not the type of cat to hit and run

Girl I swear that you're the only one

Now what I am girl is a lovin' man

While love is just wanna smack and smash that ass

Kick it fast

1- [Miss Jones] (Jaheim) One, two what you wanna do?

(Ain't even gon' front girl I wanna tear it up now)

Two, three baby what's it gonna be? You ain't gonna get

no pippey so you better keep watchin' me

Love and you tryna play me like I'm news

(Girl you got it twisted I'll be waitin' on you

Waitin' on you, girl you must be trippin' I'll be waitin' on you)


Baby girl you know I'm stuck on you

And I'll do just what you want me to

Whatever it is I am pleased for your love

Give my all my needs

I wanna touch you right here

Kiss you right there

However you want it baby

I don't care

But if the night start right

And that's okay I love you anyway

Your JaJa's here to stay

Repeat 1 (2x)


After all this time

I've been with you baby

Do you anna act up talkin' slick

You talkin' crazy (Crazy)

You know you mean the world to me

Out of all the places in this world

Theirs not one place I'd rather be

So stop actin'' like you wanna be alone

If you felt that way we would of never fall

And if the night start right

That's okay I love you anyway

Your JaJa's here to stay

Repeat 1 til' fade


Waitin On You / Jaheim

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