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Looking for Love

You alright, alright

I been, I been

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh no

10 after 8, I'm runnin' late

I jumped in my ride headed down the west side

I picked up the phone is my shorty home?

See I saw you and the brother last night

And you were lookin' rather fine

You're fine as wine, you blew my mind

And I was hopin' that we'll get together tonight

Girl I really don't' wanna sound conceited,

But I'm the type of guy you need to be with

I've been

1- Looking for love in all the wrong places

Been around seen a lot of pretty faces

But I know that I'm the one for you

Only lying I would do is in the bed with you (but)

You've got a brother feenin'

And baby you know what I'm meanin'

Girl I hope that you are soon to see

That you and I were meant to be baby

Now here we are flossin' in my whip,

Things are getting heated

Time I get a grip,

I, can't play myself, won't lose my cool

See I refuse to let you down

Like those other fools did,

I only wanna give ya what you missin'

Good lovin' when you want it

Is what I'm givin' baby

Now if it's cool with you, it's alright with me

Let's take this back to the way love

Supposed to be

Cause I

Repeat 1

Know what you want, I got what you need

Been lookin' for somebody to put down on my team (now )

Baby girl you got me flippin' out

So full of drama won't you tell me

What it's all about

I'll take my time, I'll make you mine

Could of bounced on you girl

But your ass is too fine

Never thought that I'll be lovin' you

You got me feenin' girl

I'm stuck on you

Repeat 1 til fade


Looking for Love / Jaheim

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