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They Aint JE (Remix)

J Fizzle (fizzle)

Jagged boyz (yeah, know what i mean)


dont get mad your girl chosed me, uh (hey,hey,hey,come on)

J E some P.I.M.P's,uh (come on come on whats up with it girl)

they cool but, they ain't JE (JE,JE yall know now)

they cool but they ain't JE (hey hey) they aint JE (hey hey)

[First Verse]

I got a problem with this girl and I need some help (she said she need a man like me to keep herself)

But I know she got a man though she don't (come on girl keep it real we all grown folks)

she said the truth forreal is this, that i done quit him but he aint quit me, noooooooooooo

hope he aint looking for no beef

so tell him you want me, heyyy he gotta leave


dont get mad yout girl chose me, uh

JE somt P.I.M.P's,uh (said we some P.I.M.P's)

they cool (they cool) but they aint JE,uh (noooooooo)

they cool but they aint JE (said they aint JE)

they aint JE (and yall know)

[second verse]

And I got love for my folks

And from Decatur to dacanicville calli park it's just so real

I just had to let you know that if you deal with me aint got nothing to do with R

Jagged Edge

They Aint JE (Remix) / Jagged Edge

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