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Cut Something


JE y'all

Y'all know, yeah, yeah check this out

(Cut something, cut something)

We gonna let you in on a little Southern lingo

(Cut something, cut something)

Is that what they saying?

(Cut something, cut something)

(Cut something on the low-low)


Check it out

Cut a nigga for the low-low

I'm fixin' to cut a nigga from the So So

I heard you cut a nigga from the DTP, you got DDT

From College Park to the DEC

See we be sittin' on low pros

Shippin' *** in by the boatloads

Not many people can see the cheese

Better run they g's

Ludacris and the Pimp MC's, JE


To all of y'all who don't know

Let me explain

What cuttin' is, and how it go

Gotta know the game

Cause you can say the wrong thing

To the wrong girl, with the wrong man

And, let's just say it might be a long night

The first thing you should know

Do she get down?

Now if she's even feeling you

Is she worth your while?

Had this girl I met the other day

She was feelin' me, I was feelin' her

And I couldn't believe what she said

She said cut something

She looked at me, I looked at her

I said "Ain't Nothin"

Couldn't believe what I just heard

She was not frontin'

I like my woman kind of bold

She was oh, oh, oh - oh, oh, oh, oh

She said cut something

I'm peepin' you, you're peepin' me

So let's stop playin'

She said "You ain't never had a girl like me"

Who will make you feel like this

So we can go after the show

Baby cut something, we should cut something

Don't be scared

See usually I never mes

Jagged Edge

Cut Something / Jagged Edge

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