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Did She Say (Remix)

(feat. Lil' Bow Wow, JD, & Da Brat)

(Oh shit!)

So So to the Def, JE, Bow Wow

Six in the mornin', mom's at my door

Airport's all wired, cause the kid should flow

Got an interview to do

I ain't tryin' to be late

But I can't leave the house

Without my Funk Flex tape

You know me

AKA little cold crush

Keep it hoppin' like a 6-4 juiced up

Keep it poppin' from The Tunnel to the plush

So So Def, yeah that's us


Tell me how can you

Believe everything you hear

She ain't telling you

Cause she really wants to be here with me

And she would do anything to get with me

So please, don't believe a thing that she says to you

Did she say that she, that she be calling me baby

When she told you I was no good

And how all the time she tried to give it to me

Did she say that she wanted me

Did she say

Ain't the first time that she stabbed you in your back

Open up your eyes and see

A real friend wouldn't do that

Cause you need to sit her down and let her know

You can't mess up a good thing so go

I just wanna know one thing, baby did she say

She said I want your man

Making all sorts of plans

Trying to get me away from you

And as soon as you're gone

She's tryin' to get it on

Baby don't you listen to what she say

[JD (Brat)]

We don't stop

(For what?)

Yo uh

Now when my pager go...

Who you think that is?

My bitch, no your bitch see

She like you, but she in love with me

And how I go back and forth with da

[Da Brat]

B-R-A-T, when the two way vibrate

It's your nigga that's tryna come up on a hot date

To get next to Chante

Face it, he only fucked you cause he was wasted

And now he want a replacement


Basically your listening to the hottest fam

Since the Jackson 5

We don't run outside, we hit the middle with the dive

Playa ice and the tweny inches on the ride

Playa when you see me

[Da Brat (JD)]

You see me, same thing, same way

Radio, TV, up in your face

It's us that digustingly bust and come up

(With our head out the window screaming)

We don't give a fuck

(Meet us dead in the bed)

Till the shit blow up

[Funkmaster Flex]

Yeah shout to Big Kap, Alcatraz

Cipher Sounds, Johnny Walker Ray

DJ Keori, Mister Cee

DJ Scratch and DJ Twinz

Jagged Edge

Did She Say (Remix) / Jagged Edge

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