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Jade Mr Doright

Mr. DoRight by Jade


What time is it?

Man, I can't believe he done stood me up again

I don't deserve this, what kind of fool does he think I am?

Time after time and today, but what for?

Huh, you know what I think it's time I've looked for Mr. DoRight!

(Verse 1)

Worked all day long I need a man who's back is real strong

Someone to fulfill my intellect and sexual desires

Now please don't get me wrong, I don't even come on strong

It's been awhile since I've been satisfied

And these feelings I can no longer hide


I used to be in love, but it was ohh so long ago

My mind and body's craving, for a real man to give me some love

But now that you're here with me, there's a smile up on my face

'Cause loving you is so damn easy, and you sure 'nuff driving me crazy

Can't someone stop this rain from falling on my face

I'm looking for Mr. (DoRight 2x) someone who can do it all night

When will you learn playing with fire really burns

I'm searching for Mr. (DoRight 2x) someone who can lead me through the night

(Verse 2)

I sit here waiting, you just won't call

My mind is so confused, but you don't seem to care at all

Now Lord knows I've tried to keep our love alive

So I sing this song for you, 'cause it seems like the right thing to do

(Repeat Chorus)

(Ad-lib and fade to end)

You used to love me, I need a real man, I need a strong man

Do Right(2x)

I need a Mr. DoRight, you don't hold me like you used to

My mind and body's craving, ohh yeah for Mr. (DoRight 2x)

Lord knows I've tried, Mr. DoRight

Don't keep me waiting, anticipating ohhhh

I worked all week long, I need a Mr., I need a man who's back is real strong

Fulfill me, take care of my sexual desires baby

Клод Жад

Jade Mr Doright / Клод Жад

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