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Down SOuth where the air is wet

The red day rules and you can bet

It makes me proud, I'll never forget

My Dixieland

Fulton County Georgia that's where I was born

With a fire in my tail anda devil's horn

Daddy never listened to my mother's scorn

He loved to play it loud

And he played it loud


Look away Dixieland

'Cause we're a rock and roll rebel Dixie band

Look away Dixieland

Lost a lot of time ten years to the day

Lost a lot of time trying to find my way

If I make it back home I'll be okay

And here's to that day

Ice tea washes and corn bread dream

It's what keeps me going or so it would seem

I keep it up, never let up steam

I sing it loud and proud

Loud and proud


And when the day comes around that my music's gone

Don't leave me here and don't leave me alone

Just take me back home to the boys in the band

We'll start it back up in Dixieland



Dixieland / Jackyl

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