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Big Orange rolled into Boston headed straight for Chinatown

To find the native restless and see what's going down

We hit the streets a walking, checked out a rated X

It was all about a woman and a donkey named Rex


Get me out of Chinatown

Get me out of Chinatown

I don't like what's going down

So get me out of Chinatown

See the big man dressed in ladies clothes, he looks really rude

I guess he forgot to look at himself when he was in the nude

Jeff and Jimmy had to laugh when the he/she lost his hair

Rolled up in the cadillac's window that left him standing there


I seen bigger towns thatn this

ANd this is one town I won't miss

Just let me go, I won't leave a thing

Just my ass to kiss



Eric Wincentsen


Glendale Community College

Glendale, Arizona

"Let's get the baby high


Chinatown / Jackyl

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