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In Our Small Way!

There's a ghost down in the hall

There's a ghoul beneath the bed

Now it's coming through the walls

Now it's climbing up the stairs

There's a spirit in the dark

Hear the beating in your heart

Can you feel it in the air

Ghosts be hiding everywhere

I'm gonna be

Exactly what you wanna see

It's you who's scorning me

Cos you're warning me

To be the stranger in the night

Am I amusing you

Or just confusing you

Am I the beast you visualize

And if you wanna see


I'll be grotesque before your eyes

Let them all materialize

Is that scary for you baby

Am I scary for you boy

Is it scary for you babe

Is it scary for you

You know the stranger is you

Is it scary for you baby


There's a creaking in the floor

There's a creak behind the door

There's a rocking in the chair

But nobody sitting there

There's a ghastly smell around

But nobody to be found

And a coffin nearly open

Where a restless soul is floating

I'm gonna be exactly what you gonna see

So did you come to me

To see your fantasies

Performed before your very eyes

A haunting ghostly treat

The ghoulish trickery

And sprits dancing in the night

But if you came to see

The truth of purity

It's here inside a lonely heart

So let the performance start

Is that scary for you baby

Am I scary for you boy

Am I scary for you babe

Am I scary for you boy

So tell me is this scary for you baby

Tell me


So tell me is that crazy for you baby

Am I scary for you

You know that stranger is you

Am I scary for ya

Masquerade the heart

Is the heart of burning

Майкл Джексон

In Our Small Way! / Майкл Джексон

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